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Name:brown man (26 May 2012)
amazing , best lover ever , i would prefer any day over jenna jameson or anybody else !!!!
Name:brown man (26 May 2012)
met u and i fell in love with ur passion , the best lover i have ever had !!!
Name:darkangel (09 February 2011)
very sexy made me wet
Name:kenny (12 June 2010)
your so hot i can feel the heat all the way in hawaii
Name:TOMMY (08 May 2010)
You are a very sexy lady & I would love a session with you on your bed.
Name:Dale Walsh (13 February 2010)
You are one beautiful lady! I want you! Valencia, Calif. 661-904-3888
Name:Deanoo (19 January 2010)
Looking Sexy !!!!!!